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Our products and services reflect considerable years of experience within the Lending & Construction Administration fields. We offer our clients ~ national and community lending institutions, SBA lenders, non-bank financial institutions, insurance companies, real estate professionals, investors ~ a high standard and bring a consistent and disciplined vigilance to our products and services, which include the following:

Pre-Construction Services

Pre-construction due diligence is critical to assess potential risks and protect your interests in any construction-related venture. Lender's Quality Assurance will assist with the identification and analysis of these risks and provide recommendations on how to mitigate them.

Pre-construction Services include:

Course-of-Construction Services
Course-of-Construction Progress Inspections & Draw Administration services are comprised of comprehensive progress reports & recommendations about current, on-going construction projects and information related to these projects. Our Course-of-Construction services include thorough field inspections & digital photo records - and can also include, depending on our client's needs, additional services such as lien waiver tracking, funds disbursement, invoice tracking, and/or title bring downs.

Course-of-Construction Services include:

Existing Property Services
LQA's Existing Property Services provide the lender with comprehensive physical inspection & evaluation of the condition of an existing property and related ancillary structures & amenities.

Existing Property Services include:

Special Services

Lender's Quality Assurance offers our clients the highest standard of service. The principals were lenders with over 60 combined years of banking experience who created Construction Services in-house for several of the financial institutions with whom they formerly served. LQA reviews the construction process with a Lender's perspective - our experience helps us understand directly the Lender's specific needs.

Because of our experience in banking and the industry, LQA is able to offer customized, flexible special services to our clients which include the following:

Whether it is our turnkey analysis or services designed specifically to meet your needs Lender's Quality Assurance reports are designed to help you avoid problems, issues, or disputes - before they happen.




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