Lien Waiver Tracking

LQA will collect either conditional lien wavers with each draw and/or unconditional lien wavers for the previous draw from the general contractor for himself, subcontractors, and materialmen/suppliers of record (those who have filed a preliminary lien notice), to insure that proper payments were made to all intended parties and to help prevent subsequent unexpected liens from appearing against the project.  


Funds Control/Disbursement

LQA will facilitate, process, and maintain an accounting of payments for each Payment Application to the intended parties. This may include single check disbursements, joint checks, and/or multiple checks to the various parties (general, subs, and materialmen/suppliers) via a project specific disbursement account.


Title Bringdowns

Prior to the funding of each draw, LQA will order and review an interim title report to confirm the absence of any intervening liens.