Overview of Services



  Our products and services reflect considerable years of experience within the Lending & Construction Administration fields. We offer our clients ~ national and community lending institutions, SBA lenders, non-bank financial institutions, insurance companies, real estate professionals, investors ~ a high standard and bring a consistent and disciplined vigilance to our products and services, which include the following:  Pre-construction plan reviews, contractor review/analysis, course-of-construction inspections, lien waiver tracking, funds disbursement, title endorsements, property condition reviews, annual property inspections and custom services.

Pre-Construction Services


Pre-construction due diligence is critical to assess potential risks and protect your interests in any construction-related venture. LQA will assist with the identification and analysis of these risks and provide recommendations on how to mitigate them.

Course-of-Construction Services


Course-of-Construction Progress Inspections & Draw Administration services are comprised of comprehensive progress reports & recommendations about current, on-going construction projects and information related to these projects. Our Course-of-Construction services include thorough field inspections & digital photo records - and can also include, depending on our client's needs, additional services such as lien waiver tracking, funds disbursement, and/or title bring downs.  

Existing Property Services


LQA's Existing Property Services provide the lender with comprehensive physical inspection & evaluation of the condition of an existing property and related ancillary structures & amenities.

Special Services


LQA offers our clients the highest standard of service. The principal was a lender with nearly 20 years of banking experience who created Construction Services in-house for several of the financial institutions with whom he formerly served. LQA reviews the construction process with a Lender's perspective - our experience helps us understand directly the Lender's specific needs.