Detailed Contractor Analysis

Our Detailed Contractor Analysis is a comprehensive underwriting of a construction project’s proposed General Contractor. If a contractor has not been selected, it can be performed on one or more contractors to aid in the contractor selection process.   

The report includes detailed financial analysis including comparative spreadsheet and ratio analysis, current and historical project analysis. A detailed public records review is also undertaken, covering licensing, statutory bond claims, workmen’s compensation claims, disciplinary actions, complaints, judgments, legal records review, as well as client, supplier, trade, and credit references. Project specific analysis includes the contractor’s current job status and back log, and historical contracts and analysis.   

Our goal is help identify potential contractor-related issues before they become problems by providing our clients answers to questions that include:

  • Does the General Contractor appear to have adequate managerial continuity & experience in the necessary internal disciplines of Estimating & Sales, Construction Operations, Administration, and Accounting?
  • Is the project located in the contractor’s historical primary geographical region? 
  • Is the project size reasonable relative to the contractor’s prior experience and financial condition?
  • Does the contractor appear to have sufficient experience with the planned project type?
  • Does the planned project require specialization that the contractor does not have?
  • Are the contractor's licenses current?  
  • Are there any recent or current complaints filed, outstanding, or in process against the contractor?
  • Are there any negative public filings in the name of the contractor or principal(s)?
  • Is the contractor involved in any litigation, legal actions, disputes, or disciplinary actions?
  • Is the contractor’s accounting information current & adequate to make a reasonable analysis?
  • Has the contractor been profitable over the past (2) years?
  • Does the contractor appear to have adequate financial resources to complete the planned project? 
  • What is the probability that the contractor will generally complete the job as planned? 

By discovering the answers to these and various other critical questions, LQA’s Detailed Contractor Analysis reports can help the lender identify General Contractor characteristics that may hinder a GC’s ability to complete the project on time and on budget.   

LQA offers two types of contractor analysis reports: a full report and a summary report format is available. Call LQA for pricing - 480-897-3999.