Once construction commences, periodic site inspections are conducted to verify that all work is completed per the plans and specs and in conjunction with the contractors Application for Payment. Typically, inspections are performed monthly or as directed by the lender. 

Our course of construction progress reports include recommendations that address a general contractor's application for payment for a commercial construction project. A thorough field inspection of the project is conducted by LQA, based on the description of work, percentage requested and the schedule of values as submitted in the pay application. LQA confirms the percentage of completion for each line item for which payment is requested, as well as the overall project completion percentage, and provides a digital photographic record.

Specific issues addressed include the following: 

  • Payment Application Review Change Order review On-site or Off-site Stored Materials
  • General Adherence to Plans and Specifications
  • Review of Retainage Terms & Calculations
  • Verification of Disbursement Math
  • General Construction Contract Compliance
  • Monitoring of the Substantial Completion Process
  • Monitoring of the Final Punch List
  • Review of the final Close-out Package