Pre-Construction Cost Review & Analysis Abbreviated Report Format (PCA-A)

Our Pre-construction Cost Review & Analysis – Abbreviated report, is an abbreviated version of the full report format. It is generally intended to be utilized in situations where the property value is less than $2MM, the contemplated construction is relatively simple, and the contractor is known and reputable. It is also useful when the borrower has an overwhelmingly high credit rating. It includes a review and analysis of the critical construction related information & documents, and is recommended to be performed prior to issuance of the loan commitment and/or loan closing. It is intended to identify major construction related risks and offer recommendations to mitigate such risk.  

Special pricing is available for small commercial SBA transactions and repetitive franchise-type transactions. LQA will prepare a report based on its expert review & analysis of the following: 

  • Plans & Specifications
  • Detailed Construction Budget
  • Development / Loan Budget or Sources & Uses)
  • Soils Report
  • Construction Contract  
  • Soils Report (if applicable)