Pre-Construction Cost Review & Analysis Full Report Format (PCA)

Also known as a Project  Review, Plan & Cost Review, Budget Review, Cost Analysis, or Upfront Review, our report is a comprehensive review & analysis of construction related information & documents. We recommend that it be performed prior to loan commitment and/or loan closing. It is intended to identify construction related risks and offer recommendations to mitigate such risk. The report becomes an excellent comprehensive source of all relevant project information.   

LQA will prepare a comprehensive report, based on its expert review & analysis of some or all of the following:   

  • Plans & Specifications
  • Detailed Construction Budget
  • Construction Contract 
  • Soils Report (if applicable)
  • Development / Loan Budget or Sources & Uses
  • Environmental Report
  • Wetlands Report
  • Contractor & Contractor's Qualification Statement 
  • Construction Schedule
  • Development Agreement
  • Architect's Contract
  • ALTA Survey
  • Title Report
  • Project Insurance
  • Project Bonding
  • Agency & Code Compliance