Property Condition Survey / Property Condition Assessment

Our Property Condition Survey, also known as a Property Condition Assessment, is a comprehensive physical inspection and evaluation of the condition of an existing property and related ancillary structures & amenities. The report is designed to help the lender avoid problems with existing property investments by identifying non-invasive aspects of a property's physical condition at the time of the on-site observation that may require immediate replacement and/or near term repair for deferred maintenance which the lender may wish to holdback a portion of loan proceeds. The report also provides an estimate of "Reserves for Replacement" required over the life of the loan (plus 1 year) by building, improvement category and type. In addition, a digital photo record of the inspection is provided. The report can be prepared in full narrative (ASTM and CMBS compliant) or in a more cost effective format. 

This report can be performed prior to submitting a foreclosure bid, also known as a Pre-Forclosure/Oreo Anaylsis.